The SOS finally indicated what it was going to do regarding the FMCSA options about CLP & CDL expiration extensions, the 14-day weight limit for CDL skills tests, and CDL medical examination expiration extensions. They are summarized below what SOS will do.

1.  On February 12, 2021, FMCSA sent to MI-SOS options to extend until May 31, 2021, CDL and CLP expirations and not hold to the 14-day wait before a CDL skills test.  In addition, FMCSA required all states, including Michigan, to extend approved CDL medical examinations until May 31, 2021

2.  Michigan SOS IS NOT EXTENDING CDL or CLP expirations and IS requiring the 14-day wait limit before a CDL skills test. 

3.  Michigan SOS is allowing the extension of approved CDL or CLP medical examination expiration dates to May 31, 2021.

Attached is the complete text from Mr. John Harris, SOS