Your Latest Information on the 2020 Roadeo

Unequaled in responsibility among the nation’s professional drivers is the School Bus Driver. For many years, in transporting the “Future of America,” these highly trained drivers have received little attention from the general public. This guide was compiled to both improve their driving skills and give the proper recognition to these dedicated professional drivers. To further publicize and praise this group of drivers, the objective is competition in Regional, State and The International School Bus Driving Championships.

To assume that a School Bus Driving Championship is wholly a competitive event is incorrect. In fact, the competition is secondary. The primary purpose is an actual behind-the-wheel program to test the driver’s ability as to the handling of the bus in various situations, the judging of clearance and distance, the rules and regulations pertaining to school bus operation and the Motor Vehicle Code, and in general, proper school bus procedure. The driving championship also provides the opportunity for school bus drivers to apply their skills in a “classroom” atmosphere.