MAPT will accept applications and screen candidates to provide training for MAPT programs using MAPT training materials and curriculum. MAPT will maintain a pool of qualified trainers to be used when scheduling our training programs. Minimum requirements are outlined below. The Executive Director will review applications and approve trainers based on qualifications. Please consider the general qualifications provided with this application.

To apply please submit the following information to MAPT:

• Current resume outlining professional biographical information
• Specific information regarding:
a. History of teaching/training experience; be specific regarding subject areas
b. Other relevant experience (training with outside groups, military, emergency responders, volunteer)
c. Level of formal education (please provide list with names, dates, and type of education or classes)
d. Training or curriculum development experience
• MAPT Courses you have successfully completed

Requirement: MAPT Instructors must meet the minimum qualifications established by the MAPT Board.

General Qualifications
Candidates must:
• Be an active member of MAPT for a minimum of three years
• Successfully complete an instructor development work shop or be able to demonstrate teaching skills.
• Have a minimum of 4 years experience in the subject matter to be taught.
• Successful completion of the course to be taught (if existing course).
• Present themselves professionally in both demeanor and appearance. Professional business dress is expected of our instructors.
• Possess the ability to:
a. Use lesson plans to present the material
b. Properly use various forms of media for instruction
c. Motivate and challenge the audience
d. Adhere to predetermined time frames as dictated by the curriculum

Due to the nature and timing of classes candidates may be asked to train during a normal work week. This may involve leave time to accommodate the training schedule.