Each year your Board encourages the membership to become more involved in your Association. One way is to actively participate on one of the MAPT Committees. If you are willing to serve in this capacity please call the MAPT Office at 517-886-0881 OR  Contact the committee chairs as listed below.

Committee Sign Up Form - Click Here!

Committee Chair's Currently Being Updated to Reflect:

Executive - Colleen Mayes (clmayes@clarkston.k12.mi.us) - Chair

Finance - Michael Gwizdala (gwizdalam@baisd.net) - Chair

Personnel - Kevin Doty (dotyk@masonk12.net) - Chair

Policy and Resolution/By Laws - Michael Gwizdala (gwizdalam@baisd.net) - Chair

Professional Development - Darryl Hofstra (dhofstra@fhps.net) - Chair

Legislative - Mac Dashney (h.dashney@comcast.net) - Chair

Legislative Counsel (Karoub Associates: 517-482-5000) - Don Olendorf & Emily Laidlaw

Conferences - Jane Bykerk (jbykerk@hpseagles.net)

Fleet Management - Doug Francis (francisd@gaylord.k12.mi.us) - Chair

Special Needs - Dee Evans (devans@maisd.com) - Chair

Regional Rep Committee - Dave Meeuwsen (dmeeuwse@zps.org) - Chair